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On this page you will find out how we work with our customers, which are our guidelines and what results you will get by choosing our products and services. In addition to that you will find out which are the features of our company that make the difference between us and our competitors.

We have been on the market for 20 years providing companies, designers, hobbyists and consumers with tailor-made transformers.

Here are a few of the benefits you will get from our collaboration:

You will receive the products you ordered within the agreed terms and you won’t have to slow down your production. We have carefully selected our suppliers through the years choosing the most reliable and quickest ones. We test each component in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Our inner organization allows us to produce in quick times respecting delivery terms.

No unwelcome surprise when you receive the goods! We work seriously to respect our supply agreement but unforeseen situations may occur. If that be the case we promptly inform our client about the situation and we work together to find the best solution. No unwelcome surprise when you receive the goods!

Our technical office is fast and always available to answer your questions. We are always available on the phone and should we be busy, we will call you back as soon as possible. We reply to emails within the same day we receive them because we do not like pending situations. If you contact us in the morning or in the early afternoon we will answer your mail within that very day.

'I’ve been satisfied from the very beginning; the availability and quickness of the staff of Italistemi in answering each question has no equal’

Alex Merli, Purchase Dept., N&T System

Fast and complete answers for designers, electricians, hobbyists and consumers as well. We know very well that your job is very important to you and we also know that you need to have access to technical information in a short time without feeling put aside.

We care about the ‘smaller’ categories too and our technical office is prepared to quickly answer to the requests of the ‘small’ ones as well.

Transformers for all your needs. In over 20 years of experience we have solved a wide range of problems for hundreds of customers. Our experience allows us to find the best solution to your problem in a short time: be it a space, weight or noisiness issue concerning your transformer.

Quick supplies even in urgent situations. You may obtain a transformer supply in the shortest time, especially in this current crisis time we are living in when production is not always constant. In order to face emergency situations we dispose of a wide machinery ground, fast and reliable suppliers and an equipped storehouse to meet our clients’ urgent needs.

The warranty of a supplier with a solid base: a 20-year-long experience allows us to work full speed even in these difficult times of crises.

Following are the results we obtain with our clients, but at the bottom of our success are well rooted values and beliefs.


The passion for electronics and mechanics is the starting element that gave life to Italsistemi about 20 years ago. Creativity is the driving force of our company.

The care for details and our creativity take shape in our transformers. We are maniacs when it comes to details and aesthetics; you can tell our transformers not simply by the ‘Italsistemi’ trade mark but by the careful details and by the aesthetics too.

Caring for the smallest details allows us to convey our belief: electronics must be operational, long-lasting and beautiful to the eye.

We don’t like things piling up on our desk. We manage to quickly answer our clients’ questions because we act as soon as we can. We don’t like pending situations because they don’t allow us to be as precise as our mission demands.


The first step to take in order to work with us is to contact us to explain your problem in detail.

As soon as we understand your problem our technical staff will work on a solution. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to share our detailed solution referring both to the problem and to the order details.

Should the problem require a deeper exchange of views, you will be contacted by our technical office in order to discuss the technical details necessary for a better solution.

When the solution has been approved by our client, we stipulate an agreement and our collaboration starts. We first produce a sample of the required item which will be shipped to the client within 24/48 hours. The sample is useful to test the solution and to verify if the transformer is the best solution to your problem before starting producing it.

Should the transformer point out further unsolved problems, we will produce another sample following your new specification which will be shipped to you within 24/48 hours.

When the sample is approved by our client we can finally be sure we have found the right solution to the problem. The production manager will contact you in order to settle the last details.

At this point, we start producing the transformers and we ship the goods within the agreed terms.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT FROM our competitors? why US?

Following are a few reasons why you should entrust our services and products:

We always manage to solve our client’s problem: in our 20-year-long experience on the market we have never left anything pending. Even if we may not be the ones solving your problem, we give you the right information to help you find a solution.

Our transformers are conceived in the smallest details, they are beautiful to the eye but, most of all, they are designed with selected materials to make them last in time.

We are maniacs when it comes to checking all incoming and outgoing items. Thanks to our work and organization method we can tell the history of each product we have worked upon: who actually worked on it, why and how. Each component is filed. Nothing gets out of our control and nothing happens by chance.

Human relationships mean much to us both with our clients and within our company. With the passing of time we settle relationships with our clients which are not simple work relationships but friendship relations as well. The same friendship relation we daily share among us within our company.

Now you know whom we work with and how we work. Why don’t you have a look at our products?

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