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Whom we work with

We work with companies operating in the electronic, electro-technical and electromechanical field that need power supplies designed to best satisfy their production needs. Among our clients we have companies producing electro-medical and audio devices, automatic gates, industrial electronics, panel builder sector.

More in general, we work with all companies whose production needs a specific tailor-made transformer.

We do not work only with companies! Small professionals, electricians, designers, hobbyists and consumers are among our clients too.

Our clients are aware of the importance of entrusting a partner who is available in short times and capable of providing a competitive product without compromising its quality.

Do all the following situations sound familiar to you?

Do you need to call your supplier in order to push for the agreed delivery terms? Your production slows down and you have not received the transformers you need to bring the product to an end yet. You risk not being able to respect your delivery terms.

Did you have the unwelcome surprise of receiving only a part of your supply? Are you tired of the consequences of the lack of reliability in your partners? Do you wish to get rid of the sense of frustration you feel each time you cannot work your best due to unforeseen elements non depending on your work?

The technical office of your supplier is not too willing to help with problems concerning the transformers you just bought or that your are going to buy? The information you ask for does not come right away or is incomplete? Would you like to co-operate with a competent, experienced and, most of all, fast technical office?

Are you a designer or an electrician, a hobbyist or a consumer and you cannot obtain an adequate support from the technical office? Are the answers you get slow and incomplete; do you feel neglected because you are not as ‘important’ as a big company placing a hundred-piece order? Would you like being able to obtain a sample and get full information in order to choose a transformer which best suits your needs?

Does the transformer you bought slow down production times in your assembly line or do you have mechanical problems? Are you tired of wasting time because the transformer does not fit with your production needs?

Have you a hard time in finding a transformer suiting your needs in terms of weight, space and noisiness? Would you like to find a transformer suitable for your assembly needs in order to make your product more competitive and easier to produce?

Did your supplier close down? What if it happens again? A transformer needs to be certified before being used. Entrusting a long-term supplier with a solid base makes your production reliable, especially in the current crisis situation.

Do you need an urgent supply in a short time? Did you receive an unexpected order and you need to receive transformers in a short time in order not to lose your commission?

Nowadays this is a very frequent situation; would you like to place an order today and receive the order items in a few days’ time?

Selecting a good partner is not the only ingredient to your business success.

Would you like to obtain the best results from our service? These are the characteristics shared by our best clients:

They avail themselves of a competent technical office which is fast in giving answers: we understand very well our clients’ needs to get complete information in short times from our technical office; our best clients – thanks to their experienced, fast and well-prepared technical offices – allow us to work at our best and to obtain the maximum of results from our products and services.

Their communication is reliable and clear: we know we are not the only ones on the market; we really appreciate our clients’ willingness to discuss offers with our marketing department. Price does not always make the difference: we can be competitive both on the product quality and in our services.

Customers first of all, but people most of all: a feature that has allowed us to top years of success with our clients is the friendship relations established with our best customers. This makes our work more pleasant, warm and full of mutual satisfaction.

They respect payment terms: we understand very well our clients’ needs and problems in such a difficult time as the one we are going through. We are flexible and willing to find client-friendly solutions but only when they are respected by our clients. Our best customers have always respected our commitment and our effort in providing them with products and services complying with their expectations, always respecting the delivery terms we had agreed upon.

Now that you know whom we work with, find out how we work with our clients.

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